Hong Kong Island Field Trip

‘We’re on our way!’ ‘Super excited!’ Yeah!!!’
Golden Bauhinia.

The seat’s too small for Mr Chard.‘

‘Everybody says ‘Cheese!’’
‘Everybody says ‘Cheese!’’  ‘Everybody says ‘Cheese!’’ ‘Everybody says ‘Cheese!’’ 
Beside Victoria Harbour. The Peak Tower. The Peak Tower.
The Peak Tower. ‘Finished!’ ‘What do you have for question 2?’
A smiling Minnie.

Working hard.

‘What a view!’
‘What a view! Lunchtime in Stanley. Lunchtime in Stanley.
Fun and games. Outside Murray House. Outside Murray House.
慈雲山天主教小學 Tsz Wan Shan Catholic Primary School
訪客人次: 18692366
地址: 黃大仙蒲崗村道172號
Address: 172 Po Kong Village Road, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong
 Tel: 2327 3332
 Fax: 2327 6662
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