English Fun Day (2016-2017)

English Fun Day' is a time when P.2 and P.3 students can put into practise what has been learnt in their English classrooms, through 12 interactive game booths. Each booth has been designed to encourage students to interact using their English skills, eliciting language items which have been accumulated during their time at TWSCPS. By providing opportunities to use English in a realistic and non-threatening environment, students can solidify their knowledge and enhance their communication skills in a natural and enjoyable way.

Teacher says,' Touch your elbow.' The Teacher says' finalists.'
'Have a break and come to our school cafe.' 'Ten dollars and fiftty cents,please.'
Speed Stack. 'The blue cup is between the orange cup and the green cup.'
Clothing Surprise. 'What is it?'
'My sister likes this dress.' 'Hoops make you happy!'
'Throw the hoop onto one of the cones.' 'Let me try! It looks so fun.'
'Can you say the tongue twister quicker than these two?' 'This boy is a quick needer.'
Bouns Game. 'We are fishing for pigs!'
'What do you do in different seasons?' 'What is the weather like in autumn?'
'What have you been doing?' 'On Friday, I went fishing.'
'Make a paper plane. 'What does an elephant have?'
'Come and join the fishing party.' 'Let me catch a big fish!'
'I like the shark.' 'We are looking for smart drivers.'
'I can easily park these cars.' 'It will beat this challenge.'
'Throw the darts and guess the jobs.' 'Flip the cards and answer a question.'
'Look at the picture and find the word card.' 'Are you a sharp shooter?'
'I am aiming at the lion.' 'We are great hunters.'

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