Experiment: Mentos and Coke

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Experiment: Mentos and Coke

P.5 students had some hands on science experience as we completed the famous Coke and Mentos experiment, with a slight twist. The Mento (sweet) will cause the Coke to explode out of the bottle, but in our version, we covered the top of the bottle with a balloon so that the escaping CO2 to inflate it. We followed this with a similar experiment, pouring vinegar (acid) into the empty Coke bottle and then adding baking soda (alkaline) to produce the same balloon inflating result. The students and teachers had a great time learning about science in a entertaining, fun and exciting way.

Experiment - Mentos and Coke

'Put a Mento into a balloon.' 'Squeeze the Mento in.' 'Attach the balloon to the bottle.'
'All the materials ready for part 2 of the experiment.' 'Squeeze the Mento from the balloon into the Coke.' 'It can be a bit tricky.'
'Get the Mento into the Coke.' 'The Mento is causing the Coke to bubble.' 'The Coke is going into the balloon.'
'The balloon is inflating.' 'The Mento is causing the Coke to release CO2.' 'It’s getting bigger and bigger.'
'The finished experiment.' 'A balloon is full of CO2.' 'A flat bottle of Coke and a full balloon.'
'Everybody say ‘Yeah!’' 'Hold the bottle tight.'  'Put a funnel into the empty bottle.'
'Pour the vinegar into the bottle.' 'All the vinegar?' 'Every last drop.'
'Mind you don’t spill any.' 'Keep the funnel straight.' 'I can’t believe it.'
'Use the funnel so you don’t spill any powder.' 'Pour in lots of baking powder.' 'The baking powder and the vinegar react.'
'CO2 is produced.' 'The CO2 fills the balloon.' 'It’s getting so big.'
'Now fill a balloon with baking powder.' 'It’s going to blow!' 'An inflated balloon.'
'Job done!'    
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