A Field Trip to Hong Kong Island

On 30th June, P.3 students went on a trip to HK Island. They travelled to the Peak and then to Stanley. At the Peak, they had a chance to look at the outstanding view and to see what many attractions can be found at Hong Kong’s most visited tourist attraction.

They then travelled to Stanley where most of the students enjoyed a McDonald’s lunch. This was followed by a look around the famous Murray House and then photos by the sea.

It was an exciting and educational trip to enhance the students’ social skills and develop their knowledge of Hong Kong. Students were required to finish a trip booklet and needed to engage with people and places outside the classroom. This motivated the students and helped to build their self-confidence. Everyone had a wonderful time on Hong Kong Island.

'We arrived at the Peak.' At Madame Tusssauds at the Peak. Mr Chard is helping the students with their trip booklet.
'Ahhh! We are falling.' 'I think this is the answer.' At Murray House.
'We're so hungry.' 'An enjoyable lunch with our friends.' Mr Young is telling the students how to finish their booklet.
'I love fishballs.' 'Smile please!' 'We 're not scared.'
'We look so cool.' 'Take a picture with a style.' 'Cheese!'
'It's time to enjoy.' 'Let's get all the buns.' 'We caught a lot of sea creatures.'
'We are at Stanley now.' Fire Dragon Festival. 'We caught a lot of sea creatures.'
'We have a lot of fun at Madness 3D Adventure at the Peak Tower.' 'We love Arron Kwok .' 'We love to be here at the Peak.'
'We would like to come here again.' 'What a nice place to take a rest.' 'What an enjoyable time.'
Chinese opera. Class 3A. Outside Murray House.
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