Puppetry Competition

Puppetry Competition 2018

We joined the Story to Stage Puppetry Competition organised through the EDB NET Section this year. The competition, for primary 5 and 6 students, is to produce and perform a 5-7 minute puppetry show on the stage in front of an audience and judges. It was a steep learning curve and the students, parents and teachers put in a lot of hard work to prepare for the competition. It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas and making them a reality for the final performance. Our 5 selected puppeteers did a fantastic job and put on a memorable show with amazing special effects and great sound clips. We finished the competition in 3rd place. The puppetry group was thrilled with the result as it was our first year to join the competition. 

The puppetry group Story to Stage
The prize winning performance We love the bubble effects
A great group of puppeteers Prize giving
Prize winning team! Prize winning team!
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