A Field Trip to McDonald's 2016-2017

On 15th December, 2017, P.3 students visited McDonald’s and they ordered food in English. They spent a great morning with their teachers there. This outing aims at building up students’ confidence in speaking English. It was also a great chance for them to use English in an authentic situation. It was observed that most of the students could order the food courteously with confidence. It was an enjoyable trip for everyone involved.

'Excuse me, can I have a happy meal, please?’ A happy breakfast and full stomachs. 'Let’s practise speaking English.’
Students enjoyed their meal. ‘An enjoyable breakfast!’ 'Wow! The pasta is so yummy! I love it.’
'It’s fun to have breakfast with my friends.’ 3C students had a great time with Miss Leung. Students ordered different varieties of food.
'What a tasty field trip!’ Students and teachers had a great breakfast at McDonald’s. 'What a tasty meal!’
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