English Fun Day 2017-2018

The English Fun Day was held on 15th December, 2017. The aim of the English Fun day is to build students’ confidence and interest in learning English. There were different activities including game booths and a treasure hunt. The followings are some of the enjoyable moments of the day. It was a great success due to the students' enthusiastic involvement.

Primary 2 and 3 - Game Booths

All P.2 and 3 students had an amazing time in the covered playground. There were around thirteen booths and each of them featured entertaining elements to encourage students to practise what they have learnt in their English lessons. Student helpers had the chance to practise their English speaking skills when helping in the booth

It is one of the most popular games of the English Fun Day. Look! Such a long queue. The student helper is introducing the game to the student.
This game is called ‘Flip Flop’. Flip the cards and say the words.  'Hey, what did you wear yesterday?'
'I enjoyed the booths a lot.' 'Yeah! We got a lot of stamps!'
‘I wore a purple T-shirt yesterday.’ Err..It’s hard to hook the Peppa Pigs!
'Can you make words with these tiles?' 'Oh, this game is so challenging. Where should I put the cups?'

Primary 4 and 5 - Treasure Hunt

It was a new activity of the English Fun Day. The treasure hunt itself was a learning experience in reasoning, cooperation and following directions or instructions. P.4 and 5 students moved around to look for the clue cards and complete their task sheets. It was a great afternoon that was full of laughter, fun and wonderful memories.

'Look! There is a clue card on the board.' 'Yeah! We've found one!'
Mr Chard is checking the answers with us. Students gathered in the covered playground after the exciting game.
'We love this game.'  Hey! Let's write that down quickly.
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