P.4 Egg Puffs

During the P.4 NET lesson, students were given the opportunity to make egg puffs. Each group followed the instructions carefully and then came to the front to cook their group’s egg puffs. They weren’t always the tastiest treats, but the students had great fun practising their English language and their cooking skills.

'We are ready to make the egg puffs.' 'We get an egg.' 'We get some flour.'
'We get some milk.' 'We get some oil.' 'I crack the egg into the bowl.'
'I add the oil slowly and you mix it well.'  'Gradually, add the flour to the tub and mix.' 'Yeah! Our egg puffs are ready.'
'We have a great teamwork.' 'Amazing! We made the egg puffs by ourselves.' 'Amazing! We made the egg puffs by ourselves.'
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