Theme-based Activities

Throughout the year, the English ambassadors and English teachers will prepare a number of themed activities for the enjoyment of the students and parents. These activities are held on English Day mornings to celebrate festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. They include games booths, craft activities like origami and dress-up stations which also provide the opportunity for students to have their photos taken with their parents whilst dressed up in themed costumes. The students have a great time whilst practicing their English speaking and listening skills with the English Ambassadors and their teachers. The themed activities are always a big hit!



Halloween Board in English Avenue

“Wow! We love Halloween!”
“Happy Halloween” “I got it! Yeah!”
“What is it? It is a spider.” “Yay! The games are interesting.”
“Let's play some online Halloween games.”

“I think this one goes here.”

“Toss the hoop!”

“I want to choose a cute Halloween hat.”
“This gift is for you!” “We love the Halloween gifts.”

“Yeah! Colouring is my favourite activity.”

“Trick or Treat!”

“Learn to make a Jack-O-Lantern.“

“I enjoyed the activities today.”

“Let me read a Halloween story.”

“Yeah! I got a Jack-O-Lantern!”



"The Christmas game booths are interesting." "Let me write a Christmas card for my teacher."

"Merry Christmas!"

"I look like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer." 



“I am trying to make a rabbit.”

"Look at our beautiful Easter eggs and rabbits."
“We love colouring.” “Fold the paper. Then……”
“Let's colour our Easter eggs.” “Yay! We love Easter!”
"I want to colour my egg red."

"I want to draw a rabbit on my Easter egg."

“Happy Easter!” “Happy Easter!”


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